Struggle is real in architecture

It’s been 4 years since I entered this world of architecture, and being very frank it’s not what I thought it was.
Today, I will describe architecture as the most intimate and intimidating profession that could ever exist. This course will make you wander into places beyond your imagination. It will actually prove out to be the most infuriating, exacting, and peril thing you will do, with a twist of reward and excitement.
Confused??? Don’t be, it’s just what we call “Life of an Architect .” This field of profession comes with its fair share of struggles and problems. So as a sincere architect it’s my duty to acknowledge all the young minds about the hardships and struggles of architecture.

Being a college fresher can be really fun and exciting, but in the case of architecture, a happy high fresher is just a myth. At early stages, the problems may appear like a joke, but eventually, you will realize it’s a harsh and scary reality.-
a) The burden of never-ending assignments and projects submissions.
b) Lack of time for recreational and fun activities.
c) 8 hours long studio classes, exploding with work pressure.
d) Criticizing and unsupportive faculties, laughing at your ideas.
e) Sleepless nights.
This is just the trailer, I am sure you all have struggles of your own. So please share your experiences below.

For an architecture student, an internship is like a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel. Students think that it is finally end of their misery from the never ending work.Unfortunately, it’s just the entrance to another dark tunnel. Life of an intern is very different from a students life. Unfortunately, the problems remains the same, with some newer problems heading your way like –
a) Longer office working hours, with reduced number of holidays.
b) Minimal and insufficient stipend amount.
c) Fresh interns get more amount of busy work (like drafting kitchen and toilet) and almost no real work (like planning or designing).
d) The boss is never satisfied with your work.
Again this is just a glimpse of my experience. I would love to know about your share of problems.

By this stage, the architect thinks “what worse can happen?”. Unfortunately, as an answer, he is showered with a thousand of new problems.

In simple words, there is no end to an architect’s struggles.So, just give this field everything you have and in the end, your reward will be beyond your imagination.

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