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Love is indeed a magical feeling. Love cannot be expressed in words, this is the best and worst fact about love. When a person is in love, he/she needs beautiful words to let the love of their life know about their real feelings. Those beautiful words cannot come to you in this difficult situation. Therefore the love quotes are there for you to let him/her know how much you are in love with. When you fall for a person, your life gets associated with theirs.

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It’s not easy to find a perfect person for you. But when you find the best partner and fall in love with him/her, it’s not easy for you to explain your feelings. We help you in such cases. Love quotes have a superpower of expressing your feelings in beautiful words. The words in love quotes are very carefully picked so that they can fasten the heartbeat of the reader. Your affection towards the love of your life can not only be shown by the expensive gifts and dinners women tech. But sending inspirational love quotes can also do that for you.

These love quotes can be used in different ways. Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner and write these quotes on different cards. Give him/her a birthday party or Valentine’s day party and write the quotes on balloons. Little things like sending these on the WhatsApp or posting on the Facebook timeline of your partner are lovely too. Any romantic idea from your mind will surely be appreciated by your partner. So you can use these quotes in any way you can think of.



Love Quotes will help you undoubtedly if you want to let your partner know that how much you love him/her. So choose beautiful love quotes and send them to your better half.


Why should you use 9apps

Why Should You Use 9Apps As The Primary Application Market?

Why Should You Use 9Apps As The Primary Application Market?

Days are gone when downloading applications was the most daunting task but this isn’t that hard thing anymore. The Android platform has many marketplaces available to download applications but most of them aren’t safe that’s why you need to consider a couple of things before using a marketplace which isn’t available on google play store. 9aps is the only platform which is safe as google play store but this isn’t similar in features. There are much more features which made this application better. You can download it from any of the websites and start using. The reason behind suggesting you download this application is that you can download any kind of applications with ease. Even you get the access to banned apps.

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Downloading Games From 9Apps

Most of the people love to play games on smartphone and when this comes to downloading then there is nothing worse than google play store because this marketplace takes too much time. Basically, everyone wants the quick response of smartphone and when you tap on download button then it starts scanning for memory and other things. The games which have OBB are also the issue with google play store. In this condition, most of the people use online websites to download the complete package. Well, this is a nice idea but the chances of downloading unsafe and malicious files are more with this method. If you use 9Apps Everyone Over 50 Should Download then this is not a problem. This is the securest source and when you download games from 9apps then you don’t have to wait for anything. This platform starts downloading the APK file just after the tap. The file is downloaded in couple of minutes now you have to install it externally which means that you need to click on install. This thing will be taking few minutes but not more than google play store. Now, you have the installation file which means you are able to share it with friends using Bluetooth or other sharing devices. This file can be used later when you have deleted the game.

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Pause/Resume Option Benefit

You are able to save your internet data with this feature. If you download any application on google play store then you can avail the application in a couple of minutes according to internet speed but you have seen that if the internet connection isn’t stable then the download doesn’t start. UCWeb to Focus on 9apps It keeps on waiting for the strong internet connection. If the download is started and the connection isn’t stable then it will keep on consuming internet and nothing will be downloaded. Well, there is nothing worse than the fact that your internet data will be wasted. In order to prevent this issue, start using Official Site  because this will provide you the resume and pause option. On the other hand, you are able to download applications as well as games on slow speed internet. You can still download on 9apps when the play store doesn’t work.

how to cheat FIFA 18

Fifa 18 Hack – Boon For Beginners

Have you ever used a hack tool to alleviate all the issues in a game? If no, then there are lots of things you should know about regarding a hack tool which is basically a generator. There are thousands of hack tools available online and if you are searching for FIFA 18 hack then you need to be selective in approach. There are many tools which are same as genuine one but some of them are for fraud. This is the reason that you need to be selective in approach otherwise you will end up getting banned. FIFA 18 is a newly launched but very popular game which is played by thousands. Lots of people have downloaded it and the benefit of playing this game is that you will get the realistic visual experience which is designed by EA sports.

Benefits Of Using Fifa 18 Coins Hack?

If you have never used a hack tool then this is the time to get some of the benefits. You are going to be the winner of this game with the help of FIFA 18 coins hack Generator. Thousands of people have used it and most of them have positive reviews and rating regarding it. This tool will provide you free coins which are required to upgrade your team players; even you need coins to make a perfect team. As you have used this tool and earned some coins then this is the time to use it. You can use tips FIFA 18 to get started with its use. There are many places to spend coins and if you spend it wisely and learn the basics of the game then you can be the top player with ease.

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Fifa 18 Common Tips

As you start to play this game, you don’t have any player or something that’s why you have to come up with the best team by following some simple tips. You can use the FIFA 18 Hack and start your journey of making a team. Just do these simple things:

  • Learn the basics from the tutorial and try to learn all of them because most of the gamers don’t learn the complete tutorial.
  • Collect coins and points by completing simple tasks provided by the game. If you play well and compete, everyone, then you are going to earn well. On the other hand, you are able to avail free FIFA 18 coins with the help of some generators.
  • Choose the desired player according to insights of a player because this thing will help you know that which one is the best method to play.
  • Learning isn’t enough because you have to know the method of using all the tips in the ground. If you do well then you can win over the opponent.
  • You have to focus on opponent strategy and know the best method to defeat them. Don’t focus more on doing goal because if you aren’t known for strategy then you can lose.

These are some of the tips everyone needs to use while playing. If you play well then you can come up with the right strategy. Most people who have the unique strategy to play win for sure. There are many reasons that you need your own strategy.

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FIFA 18 | FUT ICONS Stories Trailer ft. Ronaldinho

How To Collect Points In FIFA 18?

When you complete a match then you earn coins and points. Basically, points matters a lot in the proceeding and keep on improving. You have lots of players to choose from and if you are choosing the best player then you will get benefits with its skills. Most of the players have own skills and when you choose players according to rating then you can find that they have skills rating also. The best players have good skills in making the goal and most the time these players are accurate. So you need to know some of the basics to get started. You need points to get started and Fifa 18 Points Hack is the best alternative in this condition.

What is 8 ball Pool? Some tips & Tricks of 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool tips and tricksOnline gaming is getting popular with every passing day.  Today every person has smart devices. They can spend their time with playing online games. Many online applications make your gaming experience fantastic. 8 ball pool is the game that is best for pool lovers. It is the fun mobile game that you can play online with any player. These days 8 ball pool has become so much popular among the people. You can play this game on any of your smart devices. A person should download and install that game on their machine and start enjoying the game.

Play this game on your personal computer, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and various other smart devices. Online gaming makes you enjoy your gaming experience with your family and facebooks friends. 8 ball pools are a straightforward game that you can learn very quickly. A beginner can learn to play this game with comfortable tutorials.

Download Game For Android-

Download Game For IOS-

Know More about 8 Ball Pool Game

There are two modes of playing this game, i.e., one vs. 1 and other is the tournament mode in which you will have to play this game with eight players. For the beginners, there is the practice mode. They can quickly know about the rules and policies of the game in it. A player should have to collect various coins and trophies to become the winner of this game. To win this game a player must have to know some tips and tricks that help them to rank higher on the leaderboard. If you are new to this game, then you must know some of the basics of this game like:

  • Choose the pool table shrewdly
  • Open the app every day
  • Buy better cue
  • Extend your aim
  • Shoot fast
  • Use English.

8 Ball Pool Tips & Tricks

Choose the pool table shrewdly:  When you have started the game you will see there is a number of the table. All you have to purchase. As you are a beginner, you must have to choose the table which is good to handle your pool cue. You can earn good money because of your pool table.

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Open the app every day: This app should open daily. As there is a spinner and you win one free spin every day. Those turns can help you to earn coins, cash, gems and mystery boxes every day.  Spinning the spinner every day is the natural day of collecting the coins and money without wasting time.

Buy better cue: If you collect the good amount of the coins, you will get the chance to upgrade your signal. The prompt will give you the advantage to make a good shot. If you complete the levels, you will able to unlock different cues. If you have many coins, then you can also buy the ques.

Use little English: English refers to the spin, it helps you to make shots. By taping on the cue ball, you come to know where you have to go contact to the cue ball. It helps to make backspins.

Extend your aim:  You can target the cue ball; a short line will appear that will make you know about your objective.

Shoot fast: When you set the target, you must have to shoot quickly.

If you are, beginner hopes all these tips and tricks help you to try and win the game.

Struggle is real in architecture

Struggle is real in architecture

It’s been 4 years since I entered this world of architecture, and being very frank it’s not what I thought it was.
Today, I will describe architecture as the most intimate and intimidating profession that could ever exist. This course will make you wander into places beyond your imagination. It will actually prove out to be the most infuriating, exacting, and peril thing you will do, with a twist of reward and excitement.
Confused??? Don’t be, it’s just what we call “Life of an Architect .” This field of profession comes with its fair share of struggles and problems. So as a sincere architect it’s my duty to acknowledge all the young minds about the hardships and struggles of architecture.

Being a college fresher can be really fun and exciting, but in the case of architecture, a happy high fresher is just a myth. At early stages, the problems may appear like a joke, but eventually, you will realize it’s a harsh and scary reality.-
a) The burden of never-ending assignments and projects submissions.
b) Lack of time for recreational and fun activities.
c) 8 hours long studio classes, exploding with work pressure.
d) Criticizing and unsupportive faculties, laughing at your ideas.
e) Sleepless nights.
This is just the trailer, I am sure you all have struggles of your own. So please share your experiences below.

For an architecture student, an internship is like a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel. Students think that it is finally end of their misery from the never ending work.Unfortunately, it’s just the entrance to another dark tunnel. Life of an intern is very different from a students life. Unfortunately, the problems remains the same, with some newer problems heading your way like –
a) Longer office working hours, with reduced number of holidays.
b) Minimal and insufficient stipend amount.
c) Fresh interns get more amount of busy work (like drafting kitchen and toilet) and almost no real work (like planning or designing).
d) The boss is never satisfied with your work.
Again this is just a glimpse of my experience. I would love to know about your share of problems.

By this stage, the architect thinks “what worse can happen?”. Unfortunately, as an answer, he is showered with a thousand of new problems.

In simple words, there is no end to an architect’s struggles.So, just give this field everything you have and in the end, your reward will be beyond your imagination.